Wonderland Cinema - Niles, MI

House of David


The story of the House of David has fascinated the minds of millions for over a century! It was a place in Michigan that was surrounded by mystery, religion, romance, baseball, travel, sex (or lack thereof), scandal, and huge wealth. It was all based on an unusual religious colony that called themselves the "House of David". Their leader and founder Benjamin Purnell preached that he was teaching the way to have "eternal life of the body" and the way to live forever on earth.

Converts traveled from afar to hear the message and many would join their colony, giving up all of their worldly possessions in exchange for the promise of everlasting life. They came from all corners of the globe to see what they were being told was "Paradise on Earth".

Those that joined spoke of feeling like they were at the gates of Heaven, as they arrived to trumpets and bands playing. Everyone in beautiful attire, magnificent horse & carriages, and elaborate mansions to call "Home". They flocked in by the thousands, and many would make their lives there forever.

RUN TIME: 118 min